Certified Heat Treating was established by the O’Brien Steel Service leadership in 1988 and officially became a division of O’Brien Streel in 2016. We provide consistent, high quality heat treating services to customers in agriculture, construction, railroad, general engineering, and mining industries. We are designated as a Caterpillar approved heat treater. An adherence to a proven quality process and a team of experienced, dedicated professionals, have been and continue to be the keys to our success.

With an expertise in ferrous alloys, our team of qualified heat treaters and engineers follows a rigorous quality process to ensure that our work product exceeds customer expectations. Our quality assurance encompasses statistical process control, continuous process monitoring, and a comprehensive final audit.

Most members of our heat treating team have more than 10 years of experience at CHT. Collectively, the most senior members of our team have more than 100 years of experience in the field of heat treating. This experience, and our dedication to continuous training, provides a foundation for excellence that translates into a consistently high quality product.

Typical Material Thermally Processed

  • Low to high carbon steel
  • Low alloy steel
  • Medium alloy steel
  • Tool steel
  • Gray cast irons
  • Nodular cast irons
  • Stainless steels

Caterpillar Approved
Heat Treater