Dedicated to Quality

At Certified Heat Treating, we adhere to a strict quality policy to ensure your satisfaction with every order. Our operations also include a series of in-process checks and a detailed final audit, all to document the integrity of our processes. These processes are performed by our team of dedicated lab personnel and two metallurgists.

Collectively, the most senior members of our team have more than 100 years of experience in the field of heat treating. This experience, and our dedication to continuous training, provides a foundation for excellence that translates into a consistently high quality product. Each member of the Certified Heat Treating team is fully trained specifically for our furnaces, processes, and specifications. All operators must pass stringent training modules before operating our furnaces, quench systems, and in-line process control equipment.

Our highly trained lab personnel include two metallurgists who collectively have over 60 years of experience in heat treatment, mechanical testing, failure analysis, material selection, microstructural evaluation, and reverse engineering. Both metallurgists have backgrounds in agriculture, mining, automotive, oil & gas welding, forging, and foundry. Their expertise includes a range of alloys: low alloys steel, tool steels, cast irons, ductile irons, aluminum, and copper-based alloys.